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April, 2011
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 How to Join!

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PostSubject: How to Join!   Mon Aug 25, 2008 10:16 am

Joining Instructions

1. Register a new account. The account name should be your character's name, followed by his/her party abbreviation in brackets, either (Lib), (PC), (NDP), or (BQ).

Your name MUST be a realistic one for people to have. "Ethnic" names are entirely acceptable (though rare for the time period), but outlandish ones are not. You also may not use the name of a real celebrity (your own name is fine) or one that is clearly based on a real celebrity.

John Patterson (Lib)
Miguel Rodriguez (PC)
Larry Leibowitz (NDP)

Zaphod Beetlebrox (Lib)
Hooty McBoobs (PC)
Brush Limbaugh (NDP)

2. Choose your character's riding. A riding is a district in Canada that you represent,. Be sure that you choose a realistic riding for your character, and one that your party actually controls. Once you have 100 posts you can permanently reserve your riding in the 'Electoral Registry' forum.

3. Make your signature (click on the "profile" link under User Control Panel). Your signature should include your name, your party, and your riding at the very least so that people can identify you. Any other biographical tidbits are excellent, but don't get too verbose. Make sure you enable the profile setting that automatically attaches your signature to new posts.

4. Apply to your usergroup (click on the "usergroups" link under the User Control Panel). Select your party's usergroup, and apply. You'll soon be admitted, giving you access to your party forum. Once you've been admitted, be sure to use the same control panel to change your "default" usergroup so you appear as your party's colour.

5. Introduce yourself in the New Players forum and once you're admitted to your party, introduce yourself in the now available party forum. Your fellow players and party members will help you get started.

6. Have fun! There'll be other posts in the New Players forum to help you understand the game (be sure to read these), and the Information Bank holds mounds of info that you'll need to understand Canada in 2008. Enjoy the game!
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How to Join!
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