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April, 2011
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 Point of Order

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PostSubject: Point of Order   Mon Aug 25, 2008 12:34 pm

All points of order are raised here. One raises a point of order when it is believed that a member has contravened the rules of procedure of the House or Senate.

To raise a point of order, do these things:

1. In the thread where the objectionable statement occurred, make a reply, quote the offensive text, start your post with Point of Order, Mr. Speaker, and note why you object to it.

2. In this thread here, post a link to your point of order (get the link by clicking the white icon to the left of the date of the post), as well as a brief explanation of the point (i.e. "Mr. Speaker, in debate on Bill C-4, the member for Glansgrove--Spruce Trainston implied that I was a seven-headed chicken. I submit that this is highly unparliamentary language.")

After this has been done, the member who had the point raised against him may reply to the point of order, IN THIS THREAD ONLY. Quote the post that the objector made, and make a brief statement of defence (e.g., "I am afraid, Mr. Speaker, that the fact that the member for Tickleston--Stoneshrimp indeed has seven heads and looks uncannily like a chicken leads most in this House to believe exactly what I said.").
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Point of Order
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